Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village and Hua Hin Night Market @ Thailand Hua Hin

Previous post was on The Venezia, and I paused my blog about the next stop in Hua Hin LOL...
I came back after abanoned it for such a long time HAHA....

Hmm... The female TukTuk driver send us to our last stop before ending our day trip, which is Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village. It is another must visit attractions in Hua Hin! It is not just a unique architecture, but a place of living memories, that the decoration are all based on the Hua Hin's past.

I looked so pale after whole day outdoor photo shooting (=.=)

Good to have companions during trips so that we can have more couple pic hehe~

Impressive views on the bridge,  with a lot of shops on both left and right side.

Too many unique stuffs to be explored~~

Found some junk foods and toys that I had during primary school time in Malaysia too! haha

So kids in the whole world favours the same games LOL

Took this pic in front of a CD shop that the father busy looking at old albums and son busy looking at new bought bike model haha

colourful barrels~

Ferris wheel that not operating on the day I went...

Pawnshop~ Surprise to see chinese word le~

Peek into the MailBox~

Last few pic before leaving~

One of the fav pic for Hua Hin trip~

Had fun playing with the Hush Puppy~ 

> Operation Hours:
   Monday - Sunday: 0900-2100
> Address:
   Petchkasem Road, between Soi HuaHin 38 and 40. It is near Klai Kung Vol Palace, Hua Hin District,  
   Prachuabkirikan Province.
> Entrance Fees: Free
> Website:

Next post ---> Where to stay in Hua Hin? 

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